Conference Theme

We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, with unparalleled access to data about families and family life. 

This era of “Big Data” has had a significant impact on population research, fuelled by the growing use of new sources of personal information (e.g. digitized records and services, data from smart devices and social media), a virtually unlimited capacity to store data (e.g. reductions in the cost and physical size of devices, parallel increases), improved record linkage techniques and advanced analytical computer programs that can learn from and make predictions on data. Simply put, there have never been greater possibilities and opportunities for analyzing data and understanding families in Canada.

Analyzing and understanding the diverse ways families interact with, have an impact on and are affected by social, economic, cultural and environmental forces are essential steps in the development of effective and inclusive policies, programs and practices to optimize family well-being. Building a Canada where families engage and thrive in a caring and compassionate society, with a robust and prosperous economy, in an inclusive and vibrant culture, and in a safe and sustainable environment, requires BIG IDEAS: 

BIG IDEAS for learning about families: 

  • Exploring families and family life through diverse, evolving, unconventional and emerging data sources (and combinations of sources) 
  • Embracing new research methods and facilitating interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches for richer analysis 
  • Broadening our understanding of what “family is” to ensure diverse experiences and perspectives are included 

BIG IDEAS for facilitating family well-being: 

  • Measuring “family well-being”
  • Building the research and knowledge networks necessary to support the development of evidence-based, evidence-informed and evidence-inspired policies, programs and practices 

As such, the theme of the Families in Canada Conference 2019 (#FAM2019) is THINK BIG: How can we use “Big Data” to inform and inspire big ideas to optimize family well-being in Canada?

At #FAM2019, diverse leaders from multiple fields and disciplines gathered to connect with others who study, serve and/or support families to form robust knowledge and resource networks; collaborate to share interdisciplinary research and cross-cultural/cross-sectoral insights on families in Canada; and to create and cultivate a Family Well-Being Index, a Canadian Family Research Network, a Social Policy Monitor and more!

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Get Involved.

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