Throughout the conference, researchers from diverse disciplines, backgrounds and professions will share new research on topics related to families and family well-being at the #FAM2019 Poster Sessions.

The poster sessions provide individuals and organizations that study, serve and support families with an opportunity to connect with delegates (and each other) while highlighting research on a broad range of themes/topics related to families and family life.

Below you can find a list of poster presentations that will be at the National Conference in Ottawa. Satellite locations may also have poster sessions – check their satellite event webpages for details.

Preliminary listing only (subject to change) – sign up for the #FAM2019 e-newsletter for updates and announcements!

  • Christa Haanstra (The Change Foundation)
    • Shedding Light on the Experience of Young Carers
  • Adrienne Nan (King’s College London)
    • Strong at Home: Canadian Military Families
  • Cayleigh Sexton (Powerhouse Project)
    • Supporting Young Caregivers in Schools
  • Victoria Pileggi, PhD (Children and Youth Grief Network)
    • The Crossroads of Grief: Reflecting on Our Work with Marginalized Grieving Youth
  • Isabel Garces Davila, MA (University of Manitoba)
    • Intra-provincial variation in mental health services use among children and spouses in Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families across Ontario
  • Brandon Hey, Alexa Bol and Bonita Varga (Mental Health Commission of Canada)
    • Inflection Point: Reflecting on Pan-Canadian Developments in Family Caregiver Engagement for Mental Health and Addictions

Research Lightning Round

The first day of the #FAM2019 conference will include a Research Lightning Round, where presenters will share information and insights on innovative research, programs and projects focused on families and family well-being. Fast-paced, engaging and inspiring, the Research Lightning Round will provide delegates with a snapshot of leading and emerging activities and initiatives under way across Canada, along with opportunities to connect and collaborate.

Subject to change

Christa Haanstra
The Change Foundation
Young Carers in Canada

Claire Hall
Canadian Home Care Association
Carers Canada
Supporting the Balancing Act of Work and Care

Raquel Betini, PhD, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Jodi Pereira, Heart House Hospice
Why Caregiver Wellbeing Matters

Faith McIntyre
Veterans Affairs Canada
Proposed Well-Being Framework for Military Veterans’ Families

Alla Skomorosky, PhD, Jennifer Lee, PhD, Sanela Dursun, PhD
Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis, Department of National Defence
Well-Being of Spouses of Recent Ill or Injured CAF Members and Veterans

Shannon Hill, OCT, M. Ed., PhDc
Queen’s University
Canadian Secondary School Professionals’ Awareness of the Needs of Military-Connected Children

Sarah May Lindsay, BES, MA, PhDc
McMaster University
Co-Sheltering in Intimate Partner Violence Emergency and Transitional Shelters in Ontario, Canada: Keeping Families Together

Louise Leonardi
Canadian Families and Corrections Network
Prison Families – A Dual Digital World

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