On March 27 and 28, 2019, in Ottawa, Ontario, the Vanier Institute of the Family hosted the Families in Canada Conference 2019 – a national, pan-Canadian conference with simultaneous satellite events co-hosted by our university partners across the country.

This unique and inclusive series of events brought together diverse leaders from across Canada who study, serve and support families for two days of research, knowledge-sharing and engaging conversation focused on our conference theme: THINK BIG: How can we use “Big Data” to inform and inspire big ideas to optimize family well-being in Canada?

Through conversations in the plenary and panel sessions and a variety of networking opportunities, the Families in Canada Conference 2019 allowed delegates and leaders from across Canada to…

  • Connect people who study, serve and/or support families in Canada in the government, research, non-profit and private sectors – relationships that will be leveraged to form robust knowledge and resource networks. Connections will be made and strengthened at the main conference and nationally through the simultaneous satellite events being held across Canada in partnering universities.
  • Collaborate to share interdisciplinary research and cross-cultural/cross-sectoral insights on families in Canada, which will provide fresh perspectives to those who study, serve and support families while encouraging and facilitating intersectional family research.
  • Create and cultivate new resources for those who study, serve and support families in Canada, including a Canadian Family Researchers Network, which will provide a foundation for evidence-based policies, programs, practices and services; a Canadian Index of Family Well-Being to track progress and family well-being; and a revised Social Policy Monitors to track changes in policies and laws affecting families.

Speakers, delegates and stakeholders gathered either at the national conference in Ottawa or at satellite events across the country. This hybrid delivery method allowed delegates to participate from near and far to engage in meaningful conversations to generate BIG IDEAS for BIG IMPACT on families.

To learn more about the topics, themes and proceedings at the Families in Canada Conference 2019, visit the Conference Theme and Agenda pages and sign up to our eNews for updates and announcements on #FAM2019 and the Vanier Institute!